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The Division of Water reviews, approves and oversees pretreatment programs for industrial discharges to publicly owned wastewater treatment works.

Pretreatment Annual Reports

Submission of a Pretreatment Annual Report is a required condition of your Kentucky Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (KPDES) permit(s). Annual reports cover the entire calendar year (January – December) and must be received by March 1 of the following year. Submission of Pretreatment Semi-Annual Reports may be a required condition of your KPDES permit. Semi-annual reports cover the first half of the year (January – June) and must be received by Sept. 1 of the same calendar year.
All entries in the reports must be typed and filled out completely or the report will be considered deficient. Failure to submit the report by the deadline may result in enforcement action, and the control authority may be considered to be in significant noncompliance.
Reports must be submitted as a single .pdf file through the DEP/DOW ePortal at:   Instructions on how to create an account and use the portal can be found in the “eDocument Module User Guide” found at:

Local Limits

Publicly owned treatment works (POTW) with approved pretreatment programs must develop, implement and enforce technically based local limits in order to enforce specific and general prohibitions listed in 40 CFR 403.5 and to ensure that its discharges comply with state and federal requirements. In order to protect the operation of the POTW under review, to comply with regulatory requirements for the receiving waters of the Commonwealth, to satisfy local biosolids disposal requirements and to address any other operational concerns, local limits are based on site-specific conditions. 
Federal and state regulations require a periodic review of local limits, and the local limits must continue to be developed as necessary. Site-specific conditions may change that trigger a re-evaluation.  A change in water quality criteria, an upgraded or new wastewater treatment plant, a significant change in conditions at the POTW or with industrial users, POTW operational or performance problems, a change in biosolids disposal method, violations of KPDES permits or water quality effluent limits or other factors may also warrant the need to re-evaluate local limits. In addition, federal regulations require a written technical evaluation of the need to revise local limits following permit issuance or reissuance. In addition, local limit re-evaluations are a required condition of Kentucky Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (KPDES) permits. Due to the five-year duration of a KPDES permit, local limits should be re-evaluated every five years or earlier if warranted.

Dental Amalgam Rule

Click here for information on the One-Time Compliance Report required to be completed by all dentists, as required by the “Dental Amalgam Rule” (40 CFR Part 441).

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