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2018 Compliance Report Summary

The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) requires each state submit an Annual Compliance Report with a summary of the public water system violations to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  

The Annual Compliance Report is a brief summary of violations of the national primary drinking water regulations for Kentucky public water systems. The report is arranged by contaminant and subdivided into health-based violations as well as monitoring/reporting violations. 

Health-based violations consist of maximum contaminant level (MCL) violations and treatment technique violations.  MCL violations occur when a contaminant exceeds the MCL concentration allowed in drinking water; treatment technique violations occur when a water system fails to meet a specified treatment requirement. Monitoring/Reporting violations occur when a public water system fails to perform required monitoring, fails to submit the monitoring data by the required due date, or fails to correct errors in the data. 

The Annual Compliance Report is produced for EPA by the Kentucky Division of Water, which is the primacy agency for the SDWA. The Annual Compliance Report differs from the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) in that the CCR is a report produced by each public water system for its customers. 

EPA summarizes and evaluates the annual state reports in an annual National Compliance Report, which must also make recommendations concerning the resources needed to improve compliance with SDWA. 

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2018 Compliance Report SummaryThis report is a summary of all Kentucky violations to national primary drinking water regulations.90356
2018 WS Supervision ProgramLearn more about the program.157833
2018 Compliance Report by Chemical ContaminantThis report is a list of all Kentucky violations of primary drinking water regulations by contaminant.94571