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Approval of Construction Plans

State regulation 401 KAR 8:100 requires that an approval be issued by the Division of Water (DOW) prior to start of construction on drinking water distribution and treatment plants.  Prior to issuing a construction approval, the DOW reviews plans and specifications with respect to sanitary features of design.

Construction Application for Drinking Water Distribution DW-1

DW-1 Instructions 

Construction Application for Drinking Water Treatment DW-2
DW-2 Instructions

Construction Application for Small Groundwater & Semi-Public Systems DW-3
DW-3 Instructions

Regulations and Requirements

Regulation 401 KAR 8:100 lists the requirements for the design, construction and approval of drinking water systems. The designs and specifications shall also meet the requirements contained in 401 KAR 8:100, the 2012 edition of  Recommended Standards for Water Works, and the DOW General Design Criteria.

Recommended Standards for Water Works (2012)

General Design Criteria for Surface and Groundwater Supplies

Electronic Submittals

As of December 9, 2017, construction applications may be submitted to the Division of Water electronically via the KY One Stop Business Portal. Electronically submitted plans must meet the requirements of 201 KAR 18:104 regarding the use of digital signatures for Professional Engineers. 

Electronic Submittal Guidance and FAQs 4-14-2020.pdf
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