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​What is NetDMR?

NetDMR is a national tool for regulated Clean Water Act permittees to submit Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) electronically via a secure Internet application to EPA through the Environmental Information Exchange Network. To access NetDMR, Users must have a CDX account. CDX is an agency user account creation and management tool used for accessing several different EPA systems for electronic reporting with a single sign in.  To Login or register for a CDX account please click below.

NetDMR Login.JPG

  • All EPA electronic reporting services are now easily accessed through one CDX account.
  • Identity proofing service ensures a safe information exchange.
  • Signature agreements and identity proofing is done electronically reducing paper use.
  • The NetDMR user experience of submitting reports remains largely unchanged.
  • ​Reduces paperwork burden.
  • Improves data quality by automatically error-checking and validating data prior to submission.
  • Improves timeliness and accessibility of data.
  • Provides instant confirmation of submission.
  • Allows for revisions of DMRs to be submitted electronically.
  • Allows for electronic submittal of attachments and supplemental documentation.

How to create a new CDX account

How to add the appropriate NetDMR program service to an existing CDX account