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​In addition to forest fire hazard seasons and outdoor burning regulations enforced by the Kentucky Division of Forestry (KDF), the Kentucky Division for Air Quality and the Kentucky Division of Waste Management, further restrictions may be initiated at the local level through county burn bans and local ordinances. County burn bans are issued by the county judge/executive and are enforced with assistance from local law enforcement.  Violation of a burning ban is a misdemeanor punishable by law.

Burn bans generally prohibit the following:

  1. Burning of forest, grass, crops, woodlands, marshes or other similar areas.
  2. Burning leaves or debris.
  3. Campfires, bonfires and warming fires.
  4. Open pit cooking and charcoal grilling.
  5. Use of fireworks and welding may also be prohibited or regulated.

Current Burn Bans​

Madison County has a county burn ban in effect.

Mercer County has a ban of all control burns in effect.


Contact the County-Judge Executive's office in those counties for further information.