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The Division of Mine Permits is responsible for reviewing mining applications to ensure that all established standards of operation are met before a mining permit is issued.  These application forms, along with various other forms used by the division, have been converted to electronic format and are available here for download.

Electronic forms on this page are Microsoft Access Applications that have been compressed into Zip files. To access the files you will need a compression utility such as WinZip. Once the forms have been unzipped, they may be opened in Microsoft Access. The user can then complete the forms, including additional sections and attachments where appropriate.

To ensure you have the most recent version of a particular electronic form, please take a look at the "Released Date" and "Version" located on the top right of the Microsoft Access application. The most recent version of the MPAs is version 11, released on March 22, 2018.


Microsoft Access Runtime
If you do not have Microsoft Access installed on your computer or if you are using a 64-bit version of Microsoft Office 2010/2013/2016 you will need to download and install Microsoft Office 2016 Runtime (AccessRuntime.exe NOT the AccessRuntime_X64 version). This will allow you to use the Microsoft Access based MPA forms.

IMPORTANT NOTICE affecting all Access based forms:

Microsoft released a security update on November 12, 2019,  which introduced a large bug to user computers that causes a run-time error indicating that a Query is Corrupt when users attempt to update tables. Information from Microsoft pertaining to the bug can be found at Microsoft Link

If you have further questions or issues regarding any DMRE forms, please contact  Jim Neal, IT Branch Manager, Division of Information Services. 

Application CodesApplication Codes
ePermitting_PowerPointePermitting PowerPoint Presentation
Water Location Codes for XMLRequired (County, Basin, QUAD, and Station Type) codes used when creating and importing XML Baseline Water Data
Mine Permit Applications
CombinedPermitInstaller_v11Combined Installer for MPAs. Includes MPA00, MPA01, MPA02, MPA03, MPA05, MPA06, MPA07, MPA08, MPA09, MPA10. Corrections: MPA03, Section 27, MPA09, Section 3.2 and Import. Version 11, Release date: 3/1/2018.
MPA00_v11MPA00 - PRELIMINARY APPLICATION - Version 11 (Release date: 2/20/2018)
MPA01_v11MPA01 - PERMITTEE INFORMATION FOR A MINING PERMIT - Version 11 (Release date: 2/20/2018)
MPA02_v11MPA02 - OPERATOR INFORMATION FOR A MINING PERMIT - Version 11 (Release date: 2/20/2018)
MPA03_v11MPA03 - TECHNICAL INFORMATION FOR A MINING PERMIT - Version 11 (Release date: 3/22/2018)
MPA05_v11MPA05 - UPDATE OF PERMITTEE OR OPERATOR INFORMATION - Version 11. (Release date: 2/20/2018)
MPA06_v11MPA06 - CHANGE OF CORPORATE OWNERS, OFFICERS, OR DIRECTORS - Version 11 (Release date: 2/20/2018)
MPA07_v11MPA07 - APPLICATION TO TRANSFER A MINING PERMIT - Version 11 (Release date: 2/20/2018)
MPA08_v11MPA08 - REVISION APPLICATION TO CHANGE OPERATOR - Version 11 (Release date: 2/20/2018)
MPA09_v11MPA09 - APPLICATION TO RENEW A MINING PERMIT - Version 11 (Release date:: 2/20/2018)
MPA10_v11MPA10 - APPLICATION FOR A COAL MARKETING DEFERMENT - Version 11 (Release date: 2/20/2018)
DMP Forms Library
401 WQC InstructionsInstructions for completing DNR-WQC Form
DNR WQC401 Water Quality Certification Form
DNR WQC PDF401 Water Quality Certification Form (PDF)
GeoInfoFormGeological Information Form
MPA11Application for Disposal of Coal Combustion Byproducts
SMP-60MSHA Joint Approval Form
SMP-61Surface Blasting Design Form
Bond Calc formBond Calculation Form (Old Version - Reference Only)
Permittee Bond FormRevision date 5/1/2014 (Microsoft Excel Template)
87B Bond Calculation FormBond Calculation form (New Version - Reference Only)
DMP Bond Review Checklist Rev. 04/22Checklist used in review of bonds
SMP-31-ACertificate of Design
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