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The Baseline Water Monitoring Data Bank provides access to baseline water monitoring data that has been received by the Division of Mine Permits in previously reviewed permit applications. Applicants are encouraged to use this information in the preparation of their permit applications.

Water data from this viewer may be copied into a spreadsheet and included in the permit application as part of Attachment 16.3.A and Attachment 17.5.A.   A cover sheet should be provided in front of these attachments that states, "The Water Monitoring Data was taken from the Division of Mine Permits Web page. The data found on the Web page is accurately reproduced on the following pages."  This statement should include the notarized signature of the individual who accessed and copied the data.

Station header information for inclusion in Part 1 of the Water Quality Data Entry Form is not available from this data viewer.  The station header information must be copied from the appropriate permit application on file with the Division of Mine Permits in Frankfort or at the local regional office of the Division of Mine Reclamation and Enforcement.

Open the Water Data Viewer.

Note: Water sample data from this data bank is only available for counties in the eastern and western coalfields of Kentucky.