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​A Technical Reclamation Memorandum (TRM) is a guidance document relating to engineering or other specific technical material.  A TRM does not itself impose regulatory requirements.  However, an administrative regulation may incorporate a TRM by reference, in whole or in part, and may establish all or part of the TRM as regulatory requirements.

TRM1Existing Structures
TRM2Design of New Sediment Ponds Under Permanent Program Regulations
TRM3Protection and Enhancement of Fish and Wildlife Values
TRM4Substitution of Total Sulfur for Pyritic Sulfur for Pre-mining Geologic Data Collection
TRM5Alternatives to SEDIMOT II
TRM6Input Parameters for SEDIMOT II and DEPOSITS
TRM7Design of Single Spillway Ponds with No Embankment and Open Spillways
TRM8Existing Structures - Supplement to TRM 1
TRM9Revegetation Standards for Success
TRM10Sediment Pond Design Guideline - Procedures for Hand Calculators
TRM11Interpretation of the EPA Settleable Solids Effluent Limitation
TRM12"Revegetation of Kentucky Surface Mined Lands" Publication
TRM13Kentucky Graphical Method for Sediment Pond Design
TRM14Compaction and Erodibility Tests for Topsoil Substitution
TRM15Sediment Pond Design Standard for Meeting Settleable Solids
TRM16Design of Sediment Ponds to Meet the Settleable Solids Effluent Limitation
TRM17SEDIMOT II Considerations
TRM18Certification of Maintenance of Impoundments
TRM19Field Sampling Techniques for Determining Ground Cover, Productivity and Stocking Success of Reclaimed Surface Mined Lands
TRM20Superseded by TRM 21
TRM21Plant Species, Distribution Patterns, Seeding Rates and Planting Arrangements for Revegetation of Mined Lands