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​​​​​​​​Applying for Drug-Free Workplace Certification

A licensee must submit the DFI Affidavit with the required attachments and a DFW Cover Sheet to the following address:

DMS Drug-Free Workplace Certification
300 Sower Boulevard, 2nd floor
P.O. Box 2244
Frankfort, KY 40602-2244

Regulations governing the DMS drug-free workplace program:

805 KAR 11:001

805 KAR 11:010

805 KAR 11:020

For questions or concerns contact Brittany Price at 502-782-6711 or by email

History of the Program

In December 2004, the Mine Substance Abuse Task Force was formed to address the increasing concern regarding drug and alcohol abuse in the mining industry. The task force conducted meetings for approximately one year and held a summit in Hazard, KY which provided an opportunity for the general public, as well as coal operators, to offer recommendations and address the concern.

In December 2005, the task force released its final report which included the following recommendations:

  • Substance and alcohol testing for miners
  • Initial alcohol and substance abuse education and training for new and experienced miners
  • Development of voluntary employee assistance programs
  • Require individuals to demonstrate, by submitting to a drug test, that they are drug and alcohol free prior to receiving initial miner certification. Violation of drug-free status could result in possible probation, suspension or revocation of certification
  • Authority for state to conduct post-accident drug testing

As a result, House Bill 572, which incorporated the recommendations of the task force, was passed and became effective July 12, 2006.

The bill provided for:

  • A 5 percent credit on worker's compensation premiums to any licensee who applied for and was approved by the Division of Mine Safety (DMS) as a Certified Drug-Free Workplace.
  • Pre-certification drug testing -- all applicants for mining certifications offered under KRS Chapters 351 and 352, including MET’s, must demonstrate drug- and alcohol-free status prior to certification.
  • Random drug testing -- requires licensees who voluntarily implement a drug and alcohol testing program to report any violations of the company policy to DMS.
  • Post-accident drug testing.

A company that is a licensee of the DMS can submit a written copy of their drug-free work place program to DMS for certification.  If the program is certified by DMS, then the licensee is eligible for a 5 percent credit on their premium for the worker’s compensation insurance.

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