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The Department for Natural Resources ​(DNR) is part of the Energy and Environment Cabinet. The department is home to the divisions of Conservation, Forestry, Oil & Gas, Mine Permits, Abandoned Mine Lands, Mine Safety, Mine Reclamation & Enforcement, and the Office of the Kentucky Reclamation Guaranty Fund. These divisions provide technical assistance, education and funding to help landowners, institutions, industries, and communities in conserving and sustaining Kentucky's natural resources.  In addition, the department inspects timber harvests and mining operations to ensure the protection of our citizens, our environment and our workers.

The Commissioner's Office

Gordon R. Slone, Commissioner Bio Gordon R. Slone.docx
David Fields, Deputy Commissioner
Michael Mullins, Environmental Scientist Consultant

Courtney Skaggs, Environmental Scientist Consultant, Sr.
Jennifer Turner, Executive Staff Advisor

The Divisions

Bob Scott, Director, Division of Abandonded Mine Lands Bio Robert F Scott.docx
Paulette Akers, Director, Division of Conservation Bio Paulette Akers.doc
James Wright, Director, Division of Forestry Bio James Wright.docx
Jeff Baird, Director, Division of Mine Permits Bio Jeff Baird.docx
Jim Ward, Director, Division of Mine Reclamation and Enforcement 
Tim Fugate, Director, Division of Mine Safety

Danielle Crosman, Executive Director, Office of Reclamation Guaranty Fund
Dennis Hatfield, Director, Division of Oil and Gas Bio Dennis Hatfield.docx

News Releases and Notices

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