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Located in the heart of the “Big Barrens” region of central and western Kentucky, this natural area is an excellent example of remnant grassland and glade ecosystem nestled within an oak hickory forest complex.  The grassland vegetation is dominated by various prairie grasses including big bluestem and Indian grass on deeper soils and little bluestem on more shallow soils.  The plant community is diverse and over 375 species of plants have been documented.  The grassland wildflowers are showy throughout the summer months and include the glade and narrow-leafed coneflower, black-eyed susans, button and spiked gay feather, various sunflowers, and several rare species including cut-leaf prairie dock, Carolina delphinium, purple prairie clover and chestnut sedge.  The site also includes several small limestone glades, a place where the limestone bedrock comes to the surface, and unique species like prickly pear cactus, widow’s cross, and slender heliotrope can be discovered growing it appears almost out of the rock.  The forest, which covers approximately two-thirds of the area, is dominated by six species of oak and three species of hickory. The conservation district has put in a loop walking trail for public access.  They also constructed a small pond, weather station, and bird blind at the north end for environmental education programs such as Envirothon.   The Logan County Conservation District was awarded a KHLCF Stewardship Award in 2012 for their work on the Baker Natural Area.


 Open to the public from sunrise to sunset daily.  Parking is available at the north end where the trail begins.  The property is located at the corner of Sportsman Road and the north Bypass on the northwestern corner of the city of Russellville.

Access Type: Open to Public
County: Logan
Region: Green River Region
Size: 66.15
Owner: Logan County Conservation District
Purchased with Assistance of:
Lat: 36.854979
Long: -86.916769
Image of Terrapin Creek

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