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This relatively large unfragmented forest is mostly young, recently harvested and regenerating hardwood forest.  There is less than 1% open land and because it is a large forested tract provides habitat for 39 bird species of greatest conservation need in the Outer Bluegrass Bird Conservation Ecoregion.  It is typical knobs type habitat with steep terrain and deep hollows.  The major tree species present are various oaks including white, northern red, scarlet, black and chinquapin, hickories, red and sugar maples, tulip tree, and American beech.  Close to the management area is a rare siltstone-shale glade and one cave supports and endemic insect, the Tatum cave beetle.  Because this lies so close to Lebanon and Gravel Switch, it was purchased to protect it from development.


Open to the public and hunting is available under statewide regulations for all hunting and trapping seasons. Located off Siloam Road, Ed Sullivan Road, Penick Road and Tatum Lane in Marion County.  The parking lot is located off Siloam Road. To get to the parking lot take US highway 68 and go 5.5 miles east of Lebanon and turn right onto Penick-Tatum Loop going south and take a right, going south on Tatum Lane for 2 miles, then turn right going south on Siloam Road for about a half mile.  The parking lot will be on your right. Please visit Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources for maps and more information.

Access Type: Open to Public
County: Marion
Region: Bluegrass Region
Size: 1293.20
Owner: Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources | Marion County Fiscal Court | Kentucky Division of Forestry
  • ‚ÄčKentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
  • Marion County Fiscal Court
  • Kentucky Division of Forestry
  • Under a KHLCF conservation easement
Purchased with Assistance of:
Lat: 37.548964
Long: -85.121518
Image of Terrapin Creek

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