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The KHLCF program is managed by The Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves but funding decisions are made by the nine-member KHLCF Board appointed by the governor. The KHLCF Board represents environmental, conservation, and agricultural interests and it awards project funding on a competitive basis at its quarterly meetings.

Eligible applicants are limited by statute to:

  • Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
  • Kentucky Department of Parks
  • Kentucky Division of Forestry
  • Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves
  • Kentucky Wild Rivers Program
  • County and city governments
  • Conservation Districts
  • Kentucky Colleges and Universities
  • Nonprofit Land Trust Organizations
  • Other state agencies

All acquisition applications, along with comprehensive Resource Management Plans, must be submitted to and approved by the KHLCF Board.  Applications are due 60 days prior to a KHLCF Board meeting and are subject to a comprehensive evaluation, including an on-site visit by the KHLCF Project Review Committee.  

All KHLCF-funded acquisitions must be managed in perpetuity in accordance with the most recently KHLCF Board-approved comprehensive Resource Management Plans and a Conservation Easement or Deed Restriction. A biological or archeological inventory may be required prior to initiating management activities. Information on management planning can be downloaded by clicking on the documents below. Contact the KHLCF office for more details on site management.

Eligible applicants can contact for application materials