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​​​​​What is AHERA?

​AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act Program) is a set of regulations that require all public and private K-12 schools, with or without asbestos, to:

  • Create and have an management plan on file.
  • Update the management plan on an annual basis. 
  • Submit the management plan to the state every three years. 
  • Have a designated person who is trained and responsible for the school's compliance with AHERA regulations.

The contents of the management plan depend on the type of facilities within the school system. Please reference the management plan checklist to see what forms your school system is required to include in its plan.

Does My School Contain Asbestos?

A school facility, regardless of the year it was constructed, is assumed to contain asbestos unless there is proof otherwise. Proof includes an architect's or construction manager's letter specifying no asbestos was used, sampling results of all suspect material or an inspector letter stating that no suspect material is found in the facility.

Hiring a Management Planner

If your school system contains asbestos, you must hire an accredited management planner and inspector to complete the management plan.

If your school system does not contain asbestos, you can complete and submit the management plan to us without an accredited management planner and inspector. You are still required to select and train a designated person.

Training a Designated Person

You can train a designated person by having them read through and complete the EPA self-study guide for designated persons. Some management planners also offer designated person training for schools. The Division for Air Quality does not offer this training directly. 

Submit Your Management Plan 

Plans may be sent by email to , or by sending a paper copy to:

Division for Air Quality
Field Support Section
300 Sower Blvd.
Frankfort, KY 40601

Can AHERA Surveys be Used for 10-day Notifications? 

An AHERA survey is not destructive and therefore not comprehensive. There might be additional suspect material behind the walls, above ceilings, or outside of the building that is required to be sampled under the NESHAP program but not under AHERA. If you are doing a renovation or demolition of a school facility, additional sampling and inspection may be required.