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Kentucky Operator Certification Program

​For operators who are certified in another state but would like to attain a license in Kentucky, the certification program will now consider experience earned along with the actual certification requirements of other states.  This will not allow an operator to attain a license higher for which they have tested, however it will take into account that their test along with their years of experience may meet the requirements of same level of licensure in Kentucky. The fee for reciprocity and equivalency is $500 per license.

How do I apply?

Applicants must submit an Application for Reciprocity and Equivalency Form. You can apply online or via paper application. Please be advised that there is an additional $50 charge for applications received via mail.

Apply Online:

  • To begin the process, establish a Kentucky Online Gateway account.

  • Launch EEC eForms.

  • Look for the search bar on the forms list. Enter "DCA" in order to sort the forms.

  • Select the Application for Reciprocity and Equivalency form.

  • Once the application has been completed, select the Continue to Pre-Payment button. You will be directed to pay at this time. 

Paper Application ($50 additional processing fee required):

  • Complete the Application for Reciprocity and Equivalency form which can be found in the DEP Forms Library.

  • Checks should be made payable to Kentucky State Treasurer. The total should include the application fee as well as the $50 processing fee.

  • The completed form along with check or money order should be mailed to:

DCA Certification & Licensing Program

300 Sower Blvd.

Frankfort, KY 40601

Application Review Process

Have you ever wondered what the application review process is from start to finish when applying for reciprocity and equivalency? Once an application is completed and submitted, the administrative review begins. DEP staff sends a request to the certifying state to obtain additional licensure information and regulations. After receiving the requested information from the certifying state the application will then go through a technical review by certification program staff. If recommended for approval, the application will go before the wastewater or drinking water certification board for a final review. The certification boards meet on a monthly basis and times are subject to change. The board meeting schedule can be found here.


Do you offer reciprocity with my state?

We offer reciprocity and equivalency with all states, however applications are approved on a case by case basis. The level of certification you can be approved for is based on the certifying state's regulations in combination with your education and experience.