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Local Planning and Assistance Overview

All Kentucky counties are statutorily required to designate a solid waste management area (or district) and develop a solid waste management plan (SWMP) to manage the municipal solid waste generated in their area.  In order to ensure that these obligations are fulfilled, the Local Planning and Assistance Section works closely with solid waste coordinators and other local officials.  In addition to helping local governments work through planning issues, our staff conducts trainings and develops resource materials to aid in the planning process.  Examples of how our staff can assist local governments include:

  • Answering questions about updating, amending and implementing SWMPs.
  • Assisting with data collection and analysis for completing Annual Reports.
  • Providing guidance for developing local ordinances, codes and regulations.
  • Coordinating local site approval of solid waste facilties with the state permitting.
  • Helping communities make informed decisions regarding solid waste facilities.
  • Supporting environmental education and outreach efforts for communities.

​Solid Waste Management Plans and Annual Reports

​In addition to updating a comprehensive solid waste management plan every five years, each solid waste management area (or district) must submit a completed annual report no later than March 1st of each year.  Forms and support materials for the Solid Waste Management Area Annual Report and the Solid Waste Management Plan can be accessed from this link

Plan-It: Training and Development 

Plan-It is the Local Planning and Assistance Section's effort to provide educational opportunities for solid waste coordinators and other local officials involved in managing solid waste.  Plan-It includes annual orientation trainings for new solid waste coordinators and local officials, annual solid waste planning trainings at Area Development Districts (ADD Trainings), ​reporting and planning workshops, resources and educational materials, site visits and presentations tailored for specific issues.  We are also expanding our program to include webinars and online tutorials.

Annual Orientation Training for New Solid Waste Coordinators: 

Description: Introductory course for managing solid waste at the local level.

Date: In-person canceled for 2021; PowerPoint will be made available

Location: DEP's Training Center, 300 Sower Blvd., Frankfort, Kentucky

Annual Report and Planning (ARP) Workshop Open House:

Description:  LAS Staff will be on hand to answer questions about the annual report and provide tips on how to obtain and collect data for the report

Date:  Canceled for 2021

Location:  Frankfort Office, 300 Sower Blvd.

Annual Solid Waste Planning Training for Area Development Districts:

Description:  ADD Trainings are offered  from June through October at Area Development Districts for Solid Waste Coordinators (SWCs), Judge Executives, Magistrates, members of 109 Boards, and any other local officials involved in managing solid waste programs for their community.  ADD Trainings feature a strategic area of focus, such as improving collection systems, determining disposal needs, developing local ordinances and siting facilities.  Dates and locations are listed below:

Dates and Locations:**

  • Buffalo Trace/Gateway ADDs--N/A
  • Bluegrass ADD--N/A
  • Big Sandy/FIVCO ADDs--N/A
  • Barren River/Green River ADDs--N/A
  • Northern Ky ADD--N/A
  • Lake Cumberland ADD--N/A
  • KIPDA--N/A
  • Lincoln Trail ADD--N/A
  • Kentucky River/Cumberland Valley ADDs--N/A
  • Pennyrile/Purchase ADDs--N/A


**All times are local to the ADD office from 10 am to 3 pm with lunch on your own mid-training.



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