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Dawn Baase, Manager, Underground Storage Branch
300 Sower Blvd, Frankfort, Ky  40601
(502) 782-6311
Fax: (502) 564-0094
Email:  Dawn Baase

The mission of the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Branch is to provide for the prevention, abatement, and control of contaminants in regulated USTs that may threaten human health, safety, and the environment in the Commonwealth. The UST Branch regulates the registration, construction and performance standards, operational compliance, delivery prohibition, operator training, financial responsibility, closure, inspection, and corrective actions of UST systems.

UST Branch Contacts
Administrative Services SectionLola Williamson(502) 782-6408
Claims and Payments SectionJill Stoltz(502) 782-6456
Compliance SectionKris Fink(502) 782-6356
Corrective Action Section IWest Johnson(502) 782-6388
Corrective Action Section IIAdam Smith(502) 782-6453