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‚ÄčThe Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) program provides equipment to loan to local fire departments for suppressing wildland fires in their area. FEPP is authorized through the Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act of 1978 (16 USC 2106) and administered by the Kentucky Division of Forestry (KDF). The program provides low-cost fire protection equipment, tools and supplies for rural Kentucky fire departments. Available equipment includes trucks, tankers, generators, tanks, fire hoses and turnout gear. Items must be used for fire protection purposes only. Legally chartered fire departments may qualify to receive FEPP upon agreement to:

  1. Sign a memorandum of agreement with KDF.

  2. Respond to all calls within their coverage area.

  3. Provide mutual aid to KDF upon request.

  4. Keep equipment painted, protected and in serviceable condition.

  5. Acquire and maintain liability insurance for FEPP vehicles.

  6. Return equipment to KDF for proper disposal. 

To apply for FEPP equipment, fire departments should contact their field office or their local county ranger technician.

The Firefighter Program (FFP) refers to excess Department of Defense (DoD) property that is suitable for use in providing fire and emergency services. The Division of Forestry is responsible for determining whether property is suitable for use by fire protection and emergency service activities within the state.  This program is intended to assist state and local firefighting and emergency service agencies in acquiring excess DoD property. Available equipment includes vehicles, generators, tools, supplies and other items.

The difference between the programs is that the Division of Forestry lends FEPP property to rural fire departments for fire suppression; the equipment may not be sold or traded.  After the department is finished using the equipment, it must be returned to the Division of Forestry. Ownership of the property acquired through FFP will pass to the fire department.

How to apply for either program: The rural fire department chief must write a letter on fire department letterhead or on the FEPP-FFP-1 Form requesting that the department's name be put on the waiting list for a specific vehicle.  Please mention how the vehicle will be used for fire suppression.

Send the letter or form to:  

Kentucky Division of Forestry
Rural Fire Technical Advisor
300 Sower Boulevard
Frankfort, KY  40601