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Q: How Do I Get My Permit Fee Check to Frankfort?

  • Transfer funds with an ACH payment (electronic check). Contact for details. No credit cards accepted.
  • Mail to Frankfort.  Our mailing address is:

Division of Mine Permits, 300 Sower Blvd. 2nd floor

Frankfort KY 40601

  • Hand deliver to Frankfort.

Q: Do multiple pages need to be submitted as separate files?
A: Some sections of an application may contain multiple pages (for example item 8.5 in the MPA03). If this is the case, the division would prefer that those multiple pages be combined into a single attachment. If you use the Word document we provide as part of the electronic form download, you can unprotect the document, select all the text, copy and paste as many times as necessary.

Q: How do I handle ads?
A: If you have the newspaper ad when preparing an application, go ahead and include it. Otherwise, you can scan the ad later and e-mail it directly to

Q: When is an electronic signature necessary?
A: On those items that an engineer stamp and signature are needed, an electronic signature is now required. 


  • When creating an application, build the attachment collection file and insert it into the application. Do not try to open any of the attachments until you have saved the file. Otherwise, Microsoft Word may create an improper file association, making the file inaccessible.
  • To insert an attachment into an electronic form, click Insert > Object > Create From File. Check the "Display as icon" checkbox. Use the browse button to find the file. For clarity, you can use just the file name as the icon caption. Confirm the insertion.