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​​Governor Paul Patton's Executive Order 96-1339 directed the Water Resource Development Commission (WRDC) to prepare a strategic plan for water resource development in Kentucky. The goal of the plan is to provide the best available water and sewer service to every Kentuckian by the year 2020. The Division of Water was charged with administering sections of KRS 151 and KRS 224A and 401 KAR 4:220 pertaining to water supply planning. These statues and regulations were promulgated in the 1990s and established the requirements for source water assessments and long-range county water supply planning programs. The Kentucky Area Development Districts (ADDs), in conjunction with local units of government, water and wastewater systems, and the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA), have been critical in the planning process.

Additionally, the Water Resource Information System (WRIS) has been developed through the cooperative efforts of water and wastewater treatment systems and local, regional, and state agencies. The WRIS Portal provides much of the information needed for all aspects of water and wastewater planning and emergency management decision making. The Portal is designed to bring together information from a multitude of sources and display that information in one easy to use web application. The Portal is linked to databases at the Division of Water, Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, the Kentucky Department for Local Government, the Kentucky Public Service Commission, the Kentucky Department of Education, the Kentucky Department of Parks, KyWARN, and KIA.

WRIS Portal information originating from KIA is maintained by the ADDs through system visits performed annually to each drinking water system and wastewater treatment system in the Commonwealth. In addition, the ADDs facilitate the Area Water Management Councils, encompassing the Commonwealth. These Area Water Management Councils meet quarterly and by statute assume the role and function of long range planning efforts for the Public Water and Wastewater Systems represented on the Council. As we approach the year 2020, it is important to recognize the growth of public water and wastewater systems in the Commonwealth over the past several years and the collaborative efforts that have set the framework for continued growth of sustainable infrastructure throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

​Water Resources Board

Kentucky Water Resources Board logo
The Kentucky General Assembly passed House Bill 529 (amending KRS 151.113) which establishes the Water Resources Board.  The Water Resources Board is comprised of eleven members from the Energy and Environment Cabinet, Department of Agriculture, and the University of Kentucky, as well as representatives from local governments, conservation districts, rural water, and the business sector.  The Board will address water resource challenges affecting agriculture and rural industries.
​Executive Order 2018-726 [PDF, 45 KB]
​Complete Document Set [PDF, 619 KB]
   Agenda [PDF, 29 KB]
   Sign-In Sheets [PDF, 77 KB]
   MOU between KADB and EEC [PDF, 425 KB]
​​Complete Document Set [PDF, 614 KB]
   Agenda [PDF, 15 KB]
   Sign-In Sheets [PDF, 122 KB]
   Meeting Minutes (draft) [PDF, 72 KB]
   MOU between KADB and EEC [PDF, 131 KB]
​Complete Document Set [PDF, 284 KB]
   Agenda [PDF, 15 KB]
   Meeting Minutes (draft) [PDF, 74 KB]
   Sign-In Sheets [PDF, 129 KB]
   Meeting Minutes (final) [PDF, 51 KB]
   KRS 151.113 (handout) [PDF, 71 KB]

​Complete Document Set [PDF, 2.5 MB]
   Agenda (at Eden Shale) [PDF, 17 KB]
   Meeting Minutes (draft) [PDF, 216 KB]
   Sign-In Sheets [PDF, 161 KB]
   BMP Guide (handout) [PDF, 10 4KB]
​Complete Document Set [PDF, 3.7 MB]
   Agenda [PDF, 8 KB]
   Meeting Minutes (draft) [PDF, 136 KB]
   Sign-In Sheets [PDF, 167 KB]
   Meeting Minutes (final) [PDF, 168 KB]

Complete Document Set [PDF, 411 KB]
   Agenda [PDF, 10 KB]
   Meeting Minutes (draft) [PDF, 84 KB]
   Sign-In Sheets [PDF, 95 KB]
   Meeting Minutes (final) [PDF, 162 KB]
   Member Assignments [PDF, 38 KB]
​​Complete Document Set [PDF, 1 MB]
   Agenda [PDF, 12 KB]
   Meeting Minutes (draft) [PDF, 169 KB]
   Sign-In Sheets [PDF, 101 KB]
   Meeting Minutes (final) [PDF, 162 KB]
​Complete Document Set [PDF, 6.2 MB]
   Agenda [PDF, 14 KB]
   Meeting Minutes (draft) [PDF, 82 KB]
   Sign-In Sheets [PDF, 105 KB]
   Meeting Minutes (final) [PDF, 214 KB]
   Overview of Kentucky's Aquifers (presentation) [PDF, 2.8 MB]
   Kentucky Groundwater Data and Research Needs (presentation) [PDF, 2.4 MB]
   A Kentucky Water Resources Plan (presentation) [PDF, 991 KB]
Complete Document Set [PDF, 6.3 MB]
   Agenda [PDF, 153 KB]
   Meeting Minutes (draft) [PDF, 77 KB]
   Sign-In Sheets [PDF 100 KB]
   Meeting Minutes (final) [PDF, 211 KB]
   Water Use In Kentucky (presentation) [PDF 1 MB]
   Monitoring Kentucky's Water Resources (presentation) [PDF 2.2MB]
   Monitoring Kentucky Climate (presentation) [2.7 MB]
   Project Subcommittee Initial Concepts (handout) [98 KB]
Complete Document Set [PDF, 615 KB]
   Agenda [PDF, 29 KB]
   Meeting Minutes (draft) [PDF, 80 KB]
   Meeting Minutes (final) [PDF, 174 KB]
   Draft Ground Rules [PDF, 57 KB]
   Water Mgmt Wkg Group (handout) [PDF, 106 KB]
   KRS 151.11X (handout) [PDF, 156 KB]
   Contact Information [PDF, 48 KB]


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