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The Water Supply Replacement Program (WSRP) focuses on protecting, repairing, replacing, constructing, or enhancing facilities relating to water supply, including water distribution facilities and treatment plants, to replace water supplies adversely affected by historic coal mining practices.  These community cooperation projects are funded through allocations in the reauthorization of the AML program established in SMCRA and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. 

The WSRP is not an individual assistance program; however, it allows the local government or the representing Water Utility District to apply for assistance where historic mining has impacted potable water.

General WSRP Information:
  • A County Judge Executive, an official representing a Water Utility District, or another relevant entity submits a WSRP Application to the Division of Abandoned Mine Lands (DAML) to Deanne Hagedorn​ requesting that DAML fund a waterline extension/supply project to a specific area within the applicant’s jurisdiction.
  • There are no deadlines for applications.
  • Projects are prioritized and approved when funding is available.
  • A connection to historic pre-law mining (that which ceased prior to May 18, 1982), is required for eligibility.
  • If an area is considered post-law (predominantly mined for coal after May 18, 1982), then the area is typically considered ineligible for AML funds. 
  • A groundwater survey must be completed by AML staff to compare the mine history results with the water quality in the proposed area.
  • KYDAML may act as a partner in funding projects for system wide improvements.  Expenditures for these type of projects are typically based on the amount of AML customers (residents previously and currently served by AML water replacement funding).
  • Prior to construction all projects must receive an Authorization to Proceed (ATP) from OSMRE.

Waterline Supply Replacement Application
MOA Information
WSRP Monthly Report
WSRP Summary Evaluation
WSRP Request For Payment
WSRP Monthly Grantee Budget Report


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For more information or questions please contact:
Deanne Hagedorn  (
Division of Abandoned Mine Lands,  3rd Floor State Office Building,  85 State Police Road,  London, KY 40741-9011
(606) 330-2085 - Office   (606) 330-2102 - Fax