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VW Settlement Public Notice

Light-Duty Zero Emission Vehicle Supply Equipment

As part of the Volkswagen Settlement, $3,056,700 has been allotted to the Commonwealth of Kentucky for costs necessary for and directly connected to, the acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance of new light duty zero emission vehicle supply equipment.  Allowable under Category 9 of Appendix D-2, this category includes:

  • Light duty electric vehicle supply equipment includes Level 1, Level 2, or fast charging equipment (or analogous successor technologies) that is located in a public place, workplace, or multi-unit dwelling.  Private residential other than a multi-unit dwelling is not included.
  • Light duty hydrogen cell vehicle supply equipment includes hydrogen dispersing equipment capable of dispensing hydrogen at a pressure of 70 megapascals (MPa) or analogous successor technologies that is located in a public place.

The Energy and Environment is seeking input from the public and interested stakeholders on how Kentucky can best utilize the $3 million targeting Light Duty Zero Emission Vehicle Supply Equipment category.  EEC will be taking comment through July 10, 2020, and encourages comment from interested parties.  Comments may be submitted to .

For updates and more information on the Volkswagen Settlement, please visit the VW Settlement page.