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A major function of the Basin Coordinator is to assist communities in developing and funding watershed planning. A watershed plan is a strategy and a work plan for achieving water resource goals that provides assessment and management information for a geographically defined watershed. It includes the analyses, actions, participants, and resources related to development and implementation of the plan. Watershed planning areas have access to funding to address pollution issues identified in the area. 

Cane Run WBP [107.5 MB]
Clarks Run WBP [10.6 MB]
Hanging Fork WBP [12.5 MB]
Red River WBP [11.7 MB]
West Hickman WBP​ [29.5 MB]
Wolf Run WBP [17 MB]

Learn more about the Kentucky River Basin with the KY River Story Map!

​The Kentucky River Basin Team invites the public to join them in an open discussion about watershed successes and concerns across the Kentucky River Basin. The group's semi-annual meetings encourage better collaboration of programs, resources, and people toward improving water quality for basin residents.  Representatives from state and federal agencies, universities and grass-roots organizations typically attend and provide updates on their activities.

Contact the Basin Coordinator if you would like to have your event advertised through our website or in the quarterly newsletter.​