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Each year the owner, operator, lessee or licensee of each mine procures a license from one of the Division of Mine Safety's branch offices located throughout the Commonwealth. Any owner, operator, lessee or licensee who assumes control of a mine, opens a new mine or reopens an abandoned mine during any calendar year must obtain a license before mining operations begin.

Safety inspections are made by well-qualified and trained inspectors who are stationed in four branch offices and mine rescue stations throughout Kentucky. Inspectors carry out and enforce Kentucky laws as specified by KRS 351 – 352 and associated regulations. Inspectors report on the condition of each licensed mine and a copy of the inspection report is given to the operator or superintendent of the mine. Inspections are proactive accident prevention measures used to identify hazards.

In addition to the licensing and inspection of coal mines, the division also produces an annual report that covers the complete operation of all mines in the state during the preceding calendar year and includes the number of accidents, the number of persons employed and the amount of coal mined.