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​​​A Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Report is a water quality restoration plan that describes how pollutant loads in an impaired waterbody can be reduced to meet water quality standards. 

In a TMDL report, you will find the TMDL calculation(s) establishing the allowable amount of a specific pollutant that an impaired waterbody can receive while still meeting water quality standards for each designated use. A TMDL report can contain multiple calculations and can address multiple waterbodies within a watershed.

Additional information found in a TMDL report includes watershed information, the waterbody location, sampling data, pollutant sources, and strategies for meeting water quality standards. TMDL implementation plans and watershed management plans can be incorporated into TMDL reports.

TMDL reports are developed by the Division of Water (DOW) and must be approved by the EPA. read more

TMDL Reports may be downloaded from the list below, but if you want to find a specific impaired waterbody segment, view a searchable list of all waters with an EPA-Approved TMDL.

 Waters with an Approved TMDL Report [XLSX, 169 KB]​

​Approved TMDL geospatial data from the Kentucky TMDL program can be downloaded or viewed at the Kentucky Geography Network website using these instructions [PDF, 1.72 MB].

Statewide TMDL Reports

DOW has developed a new method and type of TMDL report for addressing the numerous bacteria-impaired waterbodies found throughout Kentucky.  read more  The entire TMDL report or individual appendices for specific information about particular basins can be accessed in the table below.

StatewideTMDLs List
TitleDocumentsParametersTMDLsApproval Date
Kentucky Statewide Total Maximum Daily Load for Bacteria Impaired Waters, Core Document including Green River and Tradewater River Basin TMDLs (Appendices D and M)

Report [PDF, 22.7 MB]​

E. coli, Fecal Coliform



- Green River Basin TMDLs (Appendix D only)
Appendix D only [PDF, 17.2 MB]​
E. coli, Fecal Coliform



- Tradewater River Basin TMDLs (Appendix M only)
Appendix M only [PDF, 3.6 MB]​
E. coli, Fecal Coliform



- Big Sandy River, Little Sandy River and Tygarts Creek Basins TMDLs (Addendum with Appendices C,G,N)

​Report​ [PDF, 5.25 MB]​

E. coli, Fecal Coliform



- Kentucky River Basin TMDLs (Addendum with Appendix E)

Report​ [PDF, 21.2 MB]​

E. coli, Fecal Coliform



- Licking River and Salt River Basins TMDLs (Addendum with Appendices F, K)

​Report​ [PDF, 28.9 MB]​

E. coli, Fecal Coliform



- Lower Cumberland River, Mississippi River (minor tributaries), Tennessee River, Upper Cumberland River Basin TMDLs (Addendum with Appendices H, I, L, O)

Report​ [PDF, 14.6 MB]​

E. coli, Fecal Coliform



- Ohio River Minor Tributaries TMDLs (Addendum with Appendix J)

R​eport​ [PDF, 13.8 MB]​

E. coli, Fecal Coliform



Watershed-Scale TMDL Reports

Click on the document link in the table below to access a copy of the full TMDL report or a summary titled TMDL Synopsis in .pdf format. Results may be sorted by any of the column headers.

WatershedDocumentsParametersTMDLsApproval YearCountyBasin
Bacon Creek

report [10 MB]

synopsis [298 KB]

E. coli82011Hardin, Hart, LarueSalt
Baughman Fork and UT to Baughman Fork

report [172 KB]

synopsis [11 KB}

Nutrients, Organic Enrichment42000FayetteKentucky
Bayou de Chien, Cooley and Central Creeks

report [351 KB]

synopsis [14 KB]

Fecal Coliform32007Graves, Hickman, CarlisleMississippi
Beargrass Creek

report [5.1 MB]

synopsis [317 KB]

Fecal Coliform62012JeffersonSalt
Beaver Creek

report [10.7 MB]

synopsis [330 KB]

E. coli222010Floyd, KnottBig Sandy
Beech Creek of Pond Creek

report [171 KB]

synopsis [32 KB]

Brier Creek of Pond River

report [212 KB]

synopsis [43 KB]

Brush and Crooked Creek - Revision

report [129 KB]

E. coli12012RockcastleUpper Cumberland
Brush and Crooked Creeks of Roundstone Creek

report [570 KB]

synopsis [20 KB]

E. coli32006RockcastleUpper Cumberland
Butchers Branch of Blackford Creek

report [182 KB]

synopsis [40 KB]

pH12006HancockOhio River
Cane Branch of Middle Fork Beaver Creek

report [146 KB]

synopsis [28 KB]

pH12006McCrearyUpper Cumberland
Cane Creek Watershed

report [360 KB]

synopsis [20 KB]

E. coli, Fecal Coliform42008Menifee, PowellKentucky
Cane Run

report [6.6 MB]

synopsis [49 KB]

E. coli, Fecal Coliform72013Fayette, ScottKentucky
Cane Run of Caney Creek

report [191 KB]

synopsis [56 KB]

Caney, Copper, Hurricane Creeks (Hopkins County)

report [5.3 MB]

synopsis [311 KB]

pH, Metals162015HopkinsTradewater
Carr Fork

report [7.3 MB]

synopsis [335 KB]

E. coli102013KnottKentucky
Chenoweth Run

report [5.4 MB]

synopsis [38 KB]

Nutrients, Aquatic Macrophytes21997JeffersonSalt
Clarks River

report [12.3 MB]

synopsis [262 KB]

E. coli402011Calloway, Graves, Marshall, McCrackenTennessee
Copperas Fork of Cooper Creek

report [134 KB]

synopsis [28 KB]

pH12006McCrearyUpper Cumberland
Cox Creek

report [3.7 MB]

synopsis [161 KB]

E. coli92013Bullitt, Nelson, SpencerSalt
Craborchard Creek of Drakes Creek

report [204 KB]

synopsis [57 KB]

Cypress Creek

report [643 KB]

synopsis [71 KB]

Cypress Creek

report [5.4 MB]

synopsis [299 KB]

E. coli82011MuhlenbergGreen
Dix River

report [9.4 MB]

synopsis [35 KB]

Pathogens252010Boyle, Casey, Garrard, Lincoln, RockcatsleKentucky
Drakes Creek of Pond River

report [187 KB]

synopsis [43 KB]

East Fork Little Sandy

report [802 KB]

synopsis [23 KB]

Organic Enrichment11995Lawrence, Boyd, GreenupLittle Sandy
Elijahs and Gunpowder Creeks

report [178 KB]

synopsis [16 KB]

Ethylene Glycol21998BooneOhio
Fleming Creek - Revision

report [361 KB]

Fecal Coliform32011Fleming, NicholasLicking
Fleming Creek Watershed

report [254 KB]

synopsis [19 KB]

Fecal Coliform142001Fleming, NicholasLicking
Floyds Fork

report [1.5 MB] 

synopsis [72 KB]

Organic Enrichment41997Jefferson, ShelbySalt
Floyds Fork

report [17.8 MB]

synopsis [513 KB]

E. coli, Fecal Coliform242014Bullitt, Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, SpencerSalt
Hardwick Creek

report [2.6 MB]

synopsis [197 KB]

E. coli52013Powell, EstillKentucky
Harrods Creek of Ohio River

report [2.8 MB]

synopsis [21 KB]

Organic Enrichment11995OldhamOhio
Laurel and Little Laurel Rivers

report [2.2 MB]

synopsis [62 KB]

E. coli112012LaurelUpper Cumberland
Little Bayou Creek of Bayou Creek

report [234 KB]

synopsis [14 KB]

PCB in Fish Tissue12001McCrackenOhio
Little River Watershed, Lower Cumberland Basin

report [933 KB]

synopsis [22 KB]

Fecal Coliform92009Christian, TriggLower Cumberland
Lower Cumberland River Basin Stream Segments

report [2.1 MB]

synopsis [57 KB]

Fecal Coliform112009Caldwell, Crittenden, Livingston, LyonLower Cumberland
Muddy Creek

report [4.2 MB]

synopsis [156 KB]

E. coli72013MadisonKentucky
Mussin Branch of Moore Creek

report [308 KB]

synopsis [20 KB]

Newcombe Creek of Little Sandy River

report [61 KB]

synopsis [11 KB]

Total Dissolved Solids, Chlorides12000ElliotLittle Sandy
North Elkhorn Creek

report [4.4 MB]

synopsis [147 KB]

E. coli32014FayetteKentucky
North Fork Kentucky River - Cane, Carr and Troublesome Creeks

report [2.1 MB]

synopsis [14 KB]

E. coli, Fecal Coliform221995BreathittKentucky
Pleasant Run of Drakes Creek

report [233 KB]

synopsis [57 KB]

Pleasant Run of Drakes Creek - Revision

report [140 KB]

Pond Creek

report [6.6 MB]

synopsis [314 KB]

E. coli, pH, Metals542017MuhlenbergGreen
Pond Creek Amendment - Beech Creek

report [414 KB]

Pond Creek of Green River

report [247 KB}

synopsis [14 KB]

Render Creek of Lewis Creek

report [172 KB]

synopsis [36 KB]

Rock Creek of S Fork Cumberland, White Oak Creek

report [319 KB]

synopsis [43 KB]

pH22006McCrearyUpper Cumberland
Ryans Creek of Jellico Creek

report [159 KB]

synopsis [30 KB]

pH12006McCreary, WhitleyUpper Cumberland
South Elkhorn Creek

report [6.6 MB]

synopsis [665 KB]

E. coli, Fecal Coliform112013Fayette, Franklin, Jessamine, Scott, WoodfordKentucky
South Fork Red River - Revision

report [280 KB]

South Fork Red River, Sand Lick Fork, Stump Cave Branch

report [291 KB]

synopsis [11 KB]

Total Dissolved Solids41999PowellKentucky
Sugar Creek Watershed of Clear Creek

report [207 KB]

synopsis [55 KB]

Taylorsville Lake

report [366 KB]

synopsis [22 KB]

Townsend Creek

report [2.3 MB]

synopsis [185 KB]

Bacteria42011Bourbon, HarrisonLicking
Unnamed Tributary to Rolling Fork

report [443 KB]

synopsis [131 KB]

Unnamed Tributary to South Fork Russell Creek

report [633 KB]

synopsis [13 KB]

Total Dissolved Solids12000GreenGreen
Upper Cumberland River and Tributaries

report [184 KB]

synopsis [8 KB]

Fecal Coliform261998Harlan, McCreary, Bell, Knox, Pulaski, WhitleyUpper Cumberland
Upper Green River

report [1.2 MB]

synopsis [29 KB]

Fecal Coliform152008Adair, Butler, Edmonson, Graves, Grayson, Green, Hardin, Hart, Taylor, WarrenGreen
Upper Green River II

report [42.8 MB]

synopsis [33 KB]

Fecal Coliform202009Adair, Green, Hart, Metcalfe, TaylorGreen
Wildcat Branch of Cumberland River

report [214 KB]

synopsis [32 KB]

pH12006PulaskiUpper Cumberland
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