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​A Reclamation Advisory Memorandum is an open correspondence from the commissioner of the Department for Natural Resources to operators and other interested persons, that provides information related to DNR's surface mining regulatory program.

Advisory memos issued since February 1978 have been scanned and are made available here for viewing or downloading.  These documents discuss many of the issues that have arisen as Kentucky's regulatory program has evolved in response to the federal Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 (SMCRA). 

RAM 170-Newspaper AdvertismentsNewspaper Advertisements
RAM 169Long-Term Treatment (LTT) Bonding
RAM 168SMIS Training for Public
RAM 167SME-90 E Form Mandatory Fourth Quarter Submittal.
RAM 166Reorganization of Regional Offices
RAM 165Statutory and Regulation Changes pertaining to Shadow Areas
RAM164Changes to office locations for Department of Natural Resources Frankfort offices and DMRE Regional Office.
RAM163Notification of change in FTP site for electronic submission of documents
RAM 162Provides guidance regarding the payment of the Kentucky Reclamation Guaranty Fund (KRGF) fees associated with permit transfers.
RAM 161Updates and clarifies RAMs 159 and 160 relating to identification of property ownership, to renewals, transfers, and mined out areas.
RAM 160Updates RAM 159 by explaining how the Division of Mine Permits will apply the provisions of RAM 159 relating to identification of property ownership, to renewals, transfers and mined out areas.
RAM 159Identification of property ownership and permit review of right of entry on severed mineral tracts
RAM 158Submission of Shapefiles for Permit Applications- Requirement
RAM 157New Mining Permit Application (MPA) Forms are available. These forms are now Microsoft Access-based.
RAM 156Guidelines for Backfilling under 405 KAR 16:190, Section 5, Thick Overburden
RAM 155Implementation of New Performance Bond Calculation Protocols
RAM 154Remining Issues and Procedures - supersedes RAM 129 with updated performance bond calculation
RAM 153Notification of change in FTP site for electronic submission of documents
RAM 152Service of DMRE Documents
RAM 151Electronic submittals of Pre-Blast Surveys
RAM 150Supersedes RAM 149- KPDES Permits for Coal Mining Activities; Permitting, Reporting and On-site Record-Keeping Requirements
RAM 149Clarifies KPDES permitting and Discharge Monitoring Report requirements for coal mining activities.
RAM 148Submission of Shapfiles for Permit Applications
RAM 147 
RAM 146Service of DMRE Documents
RAM 145Fill Placement Optimization
RAM 144Reforestation Initiative Expanded for Commercial Forest Land
RAM 143Permitting Assessments - Emergency Regulation
RAM 142Indiana Bat Protection Guidelines
RAM 141Review of Durable Rock Fill Designs
RAM 140Blasting
RAM 139Elimination of Two Corrected Copies
RAM 138KPDES Permits for Coal Mining Activities New Anti-degradation Requirements
RAM 137New Regulations for Noncoal Minerals
RAM 136KPDES Coal General Permit Reissued
RAM 135Review of Durable Rock Fill Designs
RAM 134Clarification of Permitting Procedures for Streams Between Fills and Ponds
RAM 133Section 404 Permits for Fills
RAM 132New Electronic Application Forms
RAM 131Latitude and Longitude in Advertisements
RAM 130Standards for Electronic Filing of Ownership and Control Applications
RAM 129Remining Issues and Procedures
RAM 128Relocation of Hazard Satellite Office
RAM 127Industrial/Commercial Postmining Land Use
RAM 126Transfer vs. Corporate Change
RAM 125Largest Newspaper for Each County
RAM 124Reforestation Initiative
RAM 123Certification of Design
RAM 122Ownership and Control Annual Entity Files
RAM 121Electronic Submittal of Water Data
RAM 120New Application Form for Permit Renewals
RAM 1191) Bond release procedures and, 2) Invasive, non-native trees and shrubs
RAM 118STOP -- You no longer need to submit that "no discharge" KPDES surface water monitoring quarterly report (DOW COAL DMR-01ND) to the Division of Water
RAM 117Reorganization of Regional Offices
RAM 116Submittal of Proof of Public Notice and Public Comments
RAM 115Tentative Approval of Operator Changes
RAM 114Water Blowouts at Underground Mines --Outcrop Barrier Pillars
RAM 113Contemporaneous Reclamation Time Limits for Area Mining and Mountaintop Removal Mining
RAM 112Use of Entity Files for Reference in MPA-01
RAM 111Noncoal Mine Waste and Hazardous Waste
RAM 110Application and Acreage Fees
RAM 109Operator Change Revisions for Augering
RAM 108Surface Blasting - Public Notice, Pre-blasting Surveys and Blasting Schedules
RAM 107Subsidence Control
RAM 106Newspaper Advertisements
RAM 105Water Monitoring Wells - Certification of Drillers and Standards for Well Construction
RAM 104Revised Performance Bond Forms and Bonding for Transfer Applications
RAM 103Annual Certification of Maintenance of Impoundments
RAM 102Operator Other Than Permittee
RAM 101Implementation of 1990 Legislation
RAM 100Address Changes for Permittees and Applicants
RAM 99New Cultural and Historic Resources Regulations
RAM 98Procedure for Extensions to Abatement Deadlines
RAM 97Regulation Change--Hearings
RAM 96Broad Form Deeds
RAM 95Bonding Procedures for Amendment Applications
RAM 94Newspaper Advertisements: Notices of Intention to Mine for Amendments and Major Revisions
RAM 93Non-disturbed Sites Three Years after Permit Issuance: Termination and Extensions
RAM 92Corporate Permittees - Changes in Name of Permittee and/or Ownership/Control of Permits
RAM 91Permit Revisions - New Short Form Application
RAM 90Submission of Permit Applications, Bonds, Certificates of Liability Insurance and Newspaper Ads directly to Frankfort
RAM 89Permit Renewals - An Important Reminder
RAM 88Newspaper Advertisements
RAM 87Repeal of Two-Acre Exemption
RAM 86Prime Farmland Soils Mapping
RAM 85Surface and Ground Water Monitoring - Permanent Program
RAM 84Permitting Seminars and New Comprehensive Application Form
RAM 83Advertising Requirements for Transfer, Assignment or Sale Applications, Two-Acre or Less and Interim Revisions
RAM 82Ground Water Monitoring for Interim Permits
RAM 81Surface Water Monitoring Reductions on Interim Permits
RAM 80Regulations Update
RAM 79Advertising
RAM 78Departmental Policies: Withdrawal and Maintenance of Mining Permit Applications
RAM 77Reinstatement of Small Operator Assistance
RAM 76Revision to RAM #73: Maximum Period of Bond Deferral Reduced from Five Years to Three Years
RAM 75Permanent Program Performance Standards; Take effect March 16, 1984 on Transitioning Operations
RAM 74KPDES General Permit for Coal Mining Activities
RAM 73Delayed Filing of Performance Bonds on Technically Acceptable Applications for Transitioning Permanent Program Permits
RAM 72Submission of Technically Complete Applications, Priority III and IV
RAM 71Emergency Regulations
RAM 70Delegation of the NPDES Permit Program to NREPC
RAM 69Emergency Regulation on Contour Re-mining on Steep Slopes
RAM 68Submission of Priority II Data
RAM 67Clarification of Company Stockholder Information
RAM 66Submission of Sediment Pond Compliance Demonstrations for Priority I Transitioning Permits
RAM 65Submission of Transitioned Application, Priority II, III and IV Applications
RAM 64Certificates of Liability Insurance Update
RAM 63Submission of Sediment Structure Compliance Demonstration Data and other Technical Data
RAM 62Extension of Priority II Technical Submission Date
RAM 61Submission of Computer Printouts
RAM 60Clarification of procedures for the submission of technical data related to Priority 1 "transitioned" comprehensive applications
RAM 59Standard Forms for Certificates of Liability Insurance
RAM 58Priority 1 Deadline for Sediment Structure Compliance Demonstrations
RAM 57Applicant Changes to Transition Applications
RAM 56Overlapping Permits
RAM 55Initial Completeness Requirements, Transition Comprehensive Applications
RAM 54Fish and Wildlife Guidelines
RAM 53Procedures and Priorities for Review of Transition Comprehensive Applications
RAM 52Operations of Two Acres or Less
RAM 51Non-transitioning interim permits will expire Jan. 18, 1983
RAM 50Newspaper Advertisements
RAM 49Coal Waste Sites
RAM 48Lands Unsuitable for Mining Program; Information Resource Center
RAM 47Clarification of Responsibility for Liability Insurance and Letters of Credit
RAM 46Status Report on Transition Application Review
RAM 45Two-Acre Exemption
RAM 44Prime Farmland Grandfather Exemption Cutoff Date
RAM 43Compliance with Approved Designs
RAM 42Small Operator Assistance Program
RAM 41Recurring Questions - Transition Application and Permitting Processes
RAM 40Processing of Interim Permits
RAM 39Answers to Recurring Questions
RAM 38Coal Exploration under the Permanent Program
RAM 37Engineers' Certifications
RAM 36New Requirements for Two-Acre Operations
RAM 35Permanent Program Transition Application
RAM 34BSMRE Plan for Handling Receipt of Interim Permits
RAM 33Coal Processing Operations and Crushing and Loading Facilities
RAM 32BSMRE Plan for Receiving Preliminary and Complete Interim Permit Applications before Primacy
RAM 31Successor Operator Permit Requirements
RAM 30Remining; Auger Mining
RAM 29Interim Permit Applications for Existing Coal Preparation Plants
RAM 28Elimination of Pre-existing Highwalls
RAM 27Reclamation Deferments
RAM 26Non-issuance of New Permits to Operators in Violation of KRS 350.100
RAM 25Interim Permit Applications for Existing Coal Preparation Plants
RAM 24AOC Variance on Steep Slopes
RAM 23Retention of Roads
RAM 22Approval of Permanent Water Impoundments
RAM 21New Regulation on Contemporaneous Reclamation
RAM 201980 Kentucky General Assembly Passage of Primacy Legislation; Automatic Extension of Valid Interim Permits; Cutoff Date for Filing Interim Program Permit Applications
RAM 19Administrative Review of Permits
RAM 18Incremental Bonding
RAM 17Incremental Bonding
RAM 16Administrative Review of Permit Applications
RAM 15Surface disturbances within 100 feet of outside right of way line of public road; existing underground mines; requirement for public notice and opportunity for public hearing.
RAM 14Reporting Results of Water Quality Monitoring
RAM 13Surface Mining Permit Renewals
RAM 12Emergency Regulations for Interim Regulatory Program - 405 KAR 1:141E, Disposal of excess spoil (strip mining) 405 KAR 3:111E, Disposal of excess rock and earth (underground mining) 405 KAR 1:260E, Contemporaneous reclamation
RAM 11Permit Applications Number of Copies Required
RAM 10Existing Underground Coal Mines; Time Extension for Application for Permit; Supplemental Mine Map Required for Small Operators
RAM 9Applications for Renewal of Permits
RAM 8Onsite Construction; Variance from Return to Approximate Original Contour (AOC) Requirements; and Reference Areas
RAM 7Extension from Feb. 3, 1979 to Aug. 3, 1979 of deadline for submission to OSM of Kentucky's application for state primacy under PL 95-87; and Expiration of Small Operators Exemption, Dec. 31, 1978
RAM 6Existing Underground Coal Mines; Application for Surface Disturbance Mining Permit, Time Extension; Non-Compliances
RAM 5Application for Temporary Authorization for Surface Disturbances from Existing Underground Coal Mines
RAM 4Status report on federal and state regulations, status report on the surface effects of underground coal mining, advisory report on enforcement and permitting polices of this bureau.
RAM 3Implementation of New Kentucky Reclamation Legislation
RAM 2Mine Maps
RAM 1Surface Mining Permits