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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Drinking Water and Clean Water Advisory Councils

The Drinking Water Advisory Council is an informal panel comprised of representatives of public and rural utilities that provide drinking water to Kentucky’s citizens. It formed several years ago to address issues that may affect consumers and the regulated community. The Wastewater Advisory Council is a collaborative stakeholder group comprised of representatives of public utilities that provide wastewater treatment services to Kentucky’s citizens.  The Wastewater Advisory Council was formed in 2014 to address issues that may affect consumers and the regulated community.

Lead in Drinking Water Workgroup

Issues regarding lead in drinking water prompted the Division of Water (DOW) to form the Lead in Drinking Water Workgroup, which is a subgroup of the Drinking Water Advisory Council. DOW wanted a proactive, coordinated effort by a diverse panel to examine where the Commonwealth currently stands, where future action might need to be taken, and eventually develop recommendations if appropriate. Members of the group include representatives from the Department of Health, Kentucky Rural Water Association, the University of Louisville, Louisville Water Company, and other utilities across the state.  Recognizing the complexity of water chemistry and the variety of topics involved with lead in drinking water, the group began examining the health effects of lead, corrosion control, infrastructure, regulations, the role of non-water utility operators, and financing. The Work Group is expected to continue examining these topics into 2017 and make recommendations regarding management practices in response to lead in drinking water.


Advisory Council Meeting Documents 

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Drinking Water Advisory Council Documents

Wastewater Advisory Council Documents

Lead in Drinking Water Workgroup Documents

​Mar ​Draft Minutes [66 KB]
Kick Off Meeting Agenda  [30 KB]          

04 20 16 All Meeting Documents [1317 KB]
Meeting Notice via Email  [44 KB]
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Draft Ground Rules [36 KB]
Draft Members Update  [68 KB]
Final Meeting Minutes  [87 KB]
​Hand Out-KYDEP Press Release  [51 KB]
​Hand Out-Letter to Greg Heitzman  [53 KB]
Hand Out-Letter to Joel Beauvais [132 KB]
​PP- KY Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program  [277 KB]
PP-FWICC Policy Subcommittee-Lead and Copper Rule Recommendations  [478 KB]
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05 18 16 All Meeting Documents [2571 KB]
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​Draft Meeting Minutes  [69 KB]
​Final Meeting Minutes  [163 KB]
Ground and Meeting Rules [37 KB]
Members List [24 KB]
​PP-2016 Flint Water Crisis [1557 KB]
​PP-KY LRC Compliance History  [224 KB]
​PP-Lead Corrosion and Control [205 KB]
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16-16-OMD-102 Open Meeting Act [ 6156 KB]
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06 15 16 All Meeting Documents [385 KB]
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​Final Meeting Minutes [90 KB]
06 8 16-Members Update [45 KB]
06 15 16-Members Update [45 KB]
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Special Meeting Notice [25 KB]


08 17 16 All Meeting Documents [850 KB]
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​Final Meeting Minutes [177 KB]
​PP-KY Lead Working Group [399 KB]
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Sep Members Update [51 KB]

10 26 16 All Meeting Documents [965 KB]
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Hand Out-Kentucky Lead Report [230 KB]
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PP-Training Sub Group [191 KB]
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12 21 16 All Meeting Documents [1900 KB]
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​Final Meeting Minutes [170 KB]
​Hand Out-ASDWA WIIN Act Summary [225 KB]
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Finance Subgroup Presentation [1161 KB]
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Current Notices

​For more information contact:
Carole Catalfo

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